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Our comprehensive solutions focus on calculable savings and a deep understanding of building science. We seek to positively impact those we serve in tangible ways. 



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Attic Insulation

Inadequate attic insulation often leads to heat loss, making your HVAC system work harder for underwhelming and inefficient results. Without proper venting solutions, insulation also develops mold over time from the liquid penetrating the attic. Improper attic insulation will cause an uncomfortable environment for the occupant, decrease overall air quality, cause ice dams to form, cause water damage, and other unnecessary risks. 

Attic Air Sealing

Installing new insulation is important and can bring great benefits, but we can’t forget about air sealing. We’ve heard of air sealing our windows to ensure that we’re not wasting our energy dollars, but it’s harder to spot air leakage in the attic. When we make an attic more energy-efficient, we do a deep dive and seal all the gaps, cracks, and other bypasses that allow air to escape from the living space. 

Attic Hatches

Attic hatches are often overlooked when doing attic work. We build sturdy damming around the hatch so blown insulation doesn’t spill over and makes it impossible for maintenance to access. We insulate the lid and create new trim supports so that the weight of the new lid is fully supported.

Roof Caps

Often, the venting we find in attics is either non-existent or routed improperly. We plan out and connect exhaust fans and vents to insulated ductwork and out through roof caps/vents. This solution allows the building to breathe and prevents potentially dangerous particles and moisture from hanging around in the attic and causing more problems than they should. 

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