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The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) stands as Congress's most significant legislation in the fight against climate change, aiming to make home performance upgrades accessible to homeowners nationwide. Embedded within the IRA are numerous newly introduced or revamped tax credits and rebates, including:

Maximizing Home Energy Efficiency: Importance of Energy Assessments


Anura Home Energy Services urges residents to undergo an energy assessment prior to initiating any home performance enhancements. Identifying areas of inefficiency is crucial in determining the most appropriate insulation needs for your home. Delaying upgrades not only results in higher monthly heating and cooling expenses but also means missing out on additional advantages, including:

  • Enhanced home comfort

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Reduced risk of mold issues

Our team is dedicated to assisting you in qualifying for and bundling available rebates to ensure optimal benefits from your energy efficiency upgrades, thereby maximizing your savings.

Formally known as the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit, this tax credit enables a reduction of your federal income tax liability by 30% of the expenses incurred for home improvements. Referred to as the 25C tax credit, it can be claimed annually and filed along with your yearly tax returns until 2032. Eligible upgrades for the IRA tax credits encompass:

Collaborating with the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program allows us to provide rebates and immediate discounts for your energy-saving endeavors that meet the criteria for a rebate. You can potentially save up to $1,850 on professional insulation and other weatherization services through Nicor Gas rebates. Here's a breakdown of the specifics:

  • Air sealing: $500

  • Duct sealing: $600

  • Attic insulation: Up to $400 (existing insulation R-value must be R20 or less)

  • Exterior wall (including kneewalls): $150

  • Foundation sidewall (including band joist): $200

Receive insulation rebates of up to $1,200 through Peoples Gas. These insulation rebates are exclusively accessible when coupled with air sealing services and completed by an accredited weatherization contractor, such as Anura Home Energy Services. The rebate amount from Peoples Gas is calculated based on either the scale of your home's insulation enhancement or the decrease in energy loss achieved through air sealing.

Through North Shore Gas' Home Energy Rebate Program, you have the opportunity to receive up to $1,200 in weatherization rebates. Like the Peoples Gas rebates, these insulation incentives are contingent upon being paired with air sealing services and carried out by an authorized weatherization contractor, such as Anura Home Energy Services. Both attic and wall insulation are eligible for rebates, with the total rebate savings determined on a per square foot basis.

25C Tax Credit

Nicor Gas

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